Metal Roofs

• 20 – 50 year life expectancy
• Low maintenance
• Durability
• Lightweight to ease stress on your roof structure and framing
• Long term warranties
• Energy Efficiency – save money with reduced heating and cooling costs
• Increased resale value of your home
• Improved curb appeal of your home
• Metal roof colors to complement your home
• Increased protection from high winds, hurricanes, and fire
• Environmentally friendly building choice
• Made from recycled material and won’t contribute to our landfills
• Reduces energy consumption, smog, and urban heat islands
• Insurance discounts possible
• Tax credits may be available


Clay Tile Roofs

• Clay Tile deliver the most comprehensive, natural color palette of any type of roofing product on the market.
• The unique design of traditional mission tile allows for a wide variety of installation options including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns and much more.
• These products, designed for the re-roof market, weigh less than 600 pounds per square and typically do not require structural re-enforcement.
• Over 80% of US Tile’s standard portfolio of colors achieves a reflectivity rating of 25 or better, qualifying them as Energy Star compliant products.
• clay roofing products are 100% recyclable.
• Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty that includes 20 years of No-fade coverage and 10 years of labor coverage.


Rubber TPO Roofs

TPO membranes are highly chemical and contaminant resistant. Most liquids and chemicals normally exhausted onto the roof have no effect on the membrane. TPO membrane formulation contains no plasticizers or chlorine so it will not dry out or become brittle with age. This sheeting easily accommodates the building’s normal expansion and contraction. Another quality to mention is TPO roofing from most major manufacturers like Versico and Mule-Hide, meets UL 790 requirements for external fire Class A ratings and UL P assemblies for internal, hourly fire ratings.


30 year Year GlassMater Shingles

• Industry-Leading 30 Year Transferable Limited Warranty
• Superb Quality and Unmatched Durability
• Traditional Elegant Appearance
• FiberglassShinglesThat Fit Your Budget
• WideSelectionof Complimentary Colors
• Algae Resistant – Standard Inhibits Algae Growth
• 150mph Wind Tested, 110mph Wind Driven Rain Tested
• SBS Modified Asphalt Wind Sealant All Weather Application and Superior Wind Resistance
• MatchingPro-Cut® FINAL COLOR SELECTIONS SHOULD BE MADE USING ACTUAL SHINGLES. Please consult your Atlas distributor for specific color availability. Colors and shadow lines in the photos and the sample boards should be used as a guideline for your color selection.
• Hip and Ridge Shingles
• 3M Ceramic Coated Granules


15 year Year Pinnacle Shingles

Atlas Pristine Shingles Featuring ScotchgardTM Protector There is simply no greater algae resistance than ScotchgardTM protection, and we incorporate regular independent third-party laboratory testing to validate even spread of copper granules, ensuring maximum algae resistance is built into every shingle.

• Lifetime* Limited Warranty Against Algae Growth Simply put, once you choose Pinnacle® HP featuring ScotchgardTM Protector, you will never need to worry about algae growth on your roof ever again.
• Lifetime* Limited Warranty Lasting protection against shingle manufacturing defects. Up To 130 MPH Limited Wind Warranty Provides superior resistance against wind and wind driven rain.
• Up To 15 Year Peace of Mind Premium Protection Period is the initial non-prorated labor and material coverage for your new roof. With an Atlas Signature Select® system, you get unprecedented coverage for your new roof.


Elastek: The Cool Roof Solution

Elastek® elastomeric cool roof coatings and repair materials are among the most energy-saving products available in the desert Southwest market. Elastek leads the industry in cool roof technology. This site introduces you to our entire line of roof coating and repair products. You’ll discover that Elastek products are durable, long-lasting, energy-saving, and environmentally sound.